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Test - 2023-219-AM Edition


Testing a mindmap in mermaid. (mindmap didn’t work, need to check versions)

I think I’ll try and do a lunchbox daily update if I can get production time down to 20 min.

Seeing a lot of AI on my RSS feeds, so I think I’ll have todo some trimming.

Begin the Begin - 2023-218-AM Edition


Begin the Begin

I’ve been working on changing up my “infrastructure”.

I’m transitioning away from the grandfathered Cloudsites setup that we’ve been using for 15 years or so.

Also added in the mix is github deployment via ionos.

To get things rolling, I dusted off the old Hugo blog and hooked it up to a workflow.

I’ve always liked Hugo and it was the first template.

Had to lose all the STLduJournals, because TWITTER IS BROKEN and it wasn’t generating pages with embeds in them.

Oh, well.

Much more to come.

Here’s some topics we’ll probably continue to keep track of. ;)